Genuine Natural National Park

Ujung Kulon Adventurer offers you the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the indigenous wildlife of the West Java rainforest. Ujung Kulon National Park is one of only a few places left in the world, from where you can still see the Java Rhino in the wild as well as a whole host of other wildlife. Gibbons, Panter, Turtle, Hornbills, Leaf monkeys, Macaques and the Java Rhino are just a handful of the thousand animal and plant species unique to this ecosystem. We are a UjungKulonEcoTravel based organization seeking to create an example of high standard sustainable tourism within this area. Responsible tourism offers the opportunity to aid the conservation of the environment whilst improving the welfare of local people. Our goal is to provide a high quality of experience for the visitor and maintain the quality of the environment of which both our community and the visitors depend. We create tailor made expeditions and treks to suit everyone from the most adventurous explorer to those wishing for a more gentle introduction to the jungle. Ideal for singles and small groups, budget backpackers or those looking for more luxury. We can cater to th traveller already on the road or those looking for a custom made holiday adventurh.

Packages 3 Days - 2 Night  

Ujung Kulon Adventure

Ujung kulon adventure is mean ujung kulon tour and cruising around the peninsula where our comfortable wooden boat to absorb the sights, while experiencing the surprisingly peaceful sensations of being on the sea. This is the only exciting way to discover Ujung Kulon.You stop on small island badul for snorkeling or swimming to explorer tropical colourful fish, see the real pristine blue sea, you'll have time to walk around and enjoy the spectacular views of the park

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Packages 3 Days/2 Night

Ujung Kulon Island Tour

It offers the perfect location to relax and to spend a memorable time here in Peucang island is one of island at Ujung Kulon National Park, right in the famous of the largest and most beautiful world heritage site in Indonesia.The island is located in a very private and quiet surroundings provides you with a very comfortable base from where to enjoy everything that the area has to offer adventure tour.!

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Packages 6 - 5 Days

Ujung Kulon Trekking

This is the jungle trip done for people interested in having the maximum of contact with the nature and also interested in learning about the Ujung Kulon and its mystery. On this Jungle trip we will take you to the south coast of peninsula area, This place offers a dense and virgin forest to be explored as its not a touristy area, so there you will have a fantastic jungle experience..

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Packages 7 - 10 Days

Javan Rhino Adventure

This packages is special interest where you could stay on the jungle for couple day,all the day just walking and searchin the Javan Rhino on the dense junglea and river.our expert guide will provide what do you need, what you have to bring and where you go. An intrepid expedition into the heart of one of the most remote jungles on our planet, in search of the elusive and highly endangered Javan Rhino

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Packages 4 - 7 Days

Ujung Kulon Bird Waching

The options for birding in Ujong Kulon are a bit all or nothing. Undoubtedly the best option for seeing the most is to take on a week-long trek along the south coast and crossing the peninsular to Cidaun at the western end of the park. This will take you through the full range of coastal scrub and forest and pristine lowland rainforest. The walking is pretty tough (much of it on sand) but the opportunities this would provide for birding would be hard to beat..

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